Frequently Asked Questions - Investors

What is SeedUps?

SeedUps is a new crowd funding matching engine for Startups who wish to raise up to €500,000 from qualified high net worth / sophisticated Investors

Why was SeedUps established?

SeedUps was established to help early stage Startups with great business ideas solve the sub-€500k equity gap problem, which regularly exists when they attempt to raise smaller amounts of equity capital

Who can use SeedUps?

Startups and qualified High Net Worth Individuals / Sophisticated and Accredited Investors can use SeedUps

Does it cost anything to join the SeedUps community?

No. It's free, just enter some contact details and list your investment preferences

Are there any Matching fees?

Yes. You pay a small fee to SeedUps, but only on completion of the deal

How do I get started?

Get started in 3 simple steps:

  • Enter some info about yourself
  • Use the Investor profile builder to tell us about yourself.

  • Set your investment preferences and available capital for SeedUps
  • Decide how much you wish to invest in this asset class and

  • Engage with the community
  • Submit your profile and engage with other investors to perform collective due diligence on the Startups you're interested in.

How do I start equity funding?

Start equity fundraising as follows:

  • Bid for equity in one or many SeedUps
  • Bid for equity in Opportunities that match your preferences and receive alerts when the SeedUps matching engine has reached full subscription on your chosen investments

What is an Opportunity SnapShot?

An Opportunity SnapShot™ is a 1-page summary, which provides Investors with an informed outline of the business idea. It includes information about the problem, the solution, the market and some financial forecasts.

Can I ask for additonal information from Startups?

Yes. You can request information from the Startup and submit questions to clarify any questions you may have.

How does the SeedUps matching process work?

The SeedUps matching engine uses proprietary algorithms and a patent-pending process to match multiple Investors with Startups who have great ideas. The net result is a fair valuation and strong motivation for both parties.

Is there a time limit for funding?

Yes. All opportunities are listed for 180-days. This allows a reasonable time-frame to market the opportunity and enables a constant flow of fresh opportunities through the pipe-line.

What method of funds transfer do Investors use?

Investors transfer funds via BACS, CHAPS, and SWIFT secure bank-to-bank payment methods

When do I send my funds?

Funds are transferred by our panel of qualified law firms when all parties to the deal have signed the standardized term sheet

What happens when my funding round is over?

You monitor your investments with portfolio tools. You can come back at any time to invest more funds if you choose to.

How do I verify my SeedUps account?

After signing-up, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.

I never received a confirmation email after I signed up. What do I do?

Sometimes our emails go to SPAM/Junk folders. Add to your address book to prevent this. If that doesn't work, please email us at

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Don't worry. Go to the Forgot Password page and we'll email you a temporary password. If that doesn't work, you can always email us at

How do I cancel my registration?

If you would like to cancel your registration and remove your individual and investment profiles, you can do so by going to the Close Account section of your profile. You will be required to confirm with your password.

Does SeedUps share my personal information?

No. See our Privacy Policy.