How It Works - Startups

Step One

It all starts with an idea. If you have an idea for a tech startup and need seed stage capital, or have a startup but need investment, then SeedUps could be for you. Alternatively, if you want a range of investment opportunities in tech startups, then try SeedUps.

Step Two

Creating profiles is easy on SeedUps, and it's free to register for both startups and investors. Just add a photo and a simple bio.

Step Three

Adding a startup is easy too. Simply fill in the Opportunity Snapshot, which is just a few fields (think executive summary). StartUps in the USA, UK and Ireland can raise between $25,000 and $500,000. We'll review it, give some suggestions, and set it live.

Step Four

There's a 6 month listing period on SeedUps. During that time, we expect the due diligence to be conducted, and for investors to do research and make bids.

Step Five

When it's set to live, it can be seen by the investor community. Investors can interact socially, add other investors to their groups, invite users from LinkedIn and other networks, discuss opportunities and tailor what opportunities they see.

Step Six

Collective due diligence is at the heart of the SeedUps process, with investors coming from various backgrounds. Asking questions from different angles helps delve deeper into the startup, and helps the investor community understand it more.

Step Seven

Keep your followers up to date with regular updates and scheduled webinars, which allows investors to get to know the startup and its team even more.

Step Eight

Over the listing period, investors can make blind bids of between $1,000 and $25,000. Using the "wisdom of crowd", investors need to compete to get into deals setting the valuation of the startup. The more interest in the startup, the less equity will be given away to investors.

Step Nine

When the process closes, the startup is made an offer and the SeedUps legal team organises the paperwork.

Step Ten

Our reporting software ensures that investors are kept informed periodically about their investments, and startups can work toward their goals with the finance they have received.